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John    2011-3-19 0:33:47
I have an X1RCU, and I am interested in integrating an actuator that uses air, similar to a piston. Can I know any way of doing this or getting this? I also want to know if I can program the X1RCU to send out digital signals,PWM, or program in I2C, since I can get a small electric solenoid to control the piston. Thanks Plzz reply ASAP


Dear John, There is a brand new air-actuated robot, not ready for selling yet. X1RCU can send those signals. Please email to should there be any further questions. TKS.
yunn    2010-10-19 1:38:35
if i want to buy photoelectric sensor. Model:JMP-BE-1410 Can you please provide the details of this product and the manual?


Dear Yunn,    Could you tell what controller and software you're using? If you're using JoinMax program software RoboExp, there is example program, and basic operations teaching how to use.       If you get further questions, you can get into contact with our engineers via Thanks.   
Chitrash    2010-10-12 14:11:10
I am from India and i want to buy your BE-1120 Light proof Gray Scale Sensor.. Pls give me details regarding the same asap... Thank you...


Dear Chitrash, Thanks for the enquiry. The product data is displayed on What other data do you need?   Email has been sent to your mailbox. Pls check and reply, then we can keep in contact regarding this issue.  
Bob    2010-9-23 22:15:26
Do you have any sensor that can check if an object is in its way while not needing IR or laser? An it will not be affected by IR light


Dear Bob,   The Advanced Ultrasonic Range Finder V1.1 (Model:JMP-BE-6301) should fit your need.
Rich    2010-8-25 0:24:52
I would like to get an English copy of the IC data sheet for the Robotic Dog. Im having issues with stability of the unit. Thank You


Dear Rich, Are you an engineer? You can find the IC model at the product. Your robot dog is not stable? Pls contact us at, and give description of the problem. Photo and invoice will help the problem shooting too. Awaiting your contact!
Bob    2010-7-8 20:52:14
Sorry but can your motor drivers control other brand motors?


Dear Bob,     Thanks for your support to JoinMax! As long as the specifications all match, motors can be controlled by JoinMax motor driver.     But to ensure safer usage, it's suggested to use same brand products. JoinMax not only gets various motor driver, there are many kinds of motors too. If you need any help, contact us at, tell your purpose, and proper items will be recommended for you!    
Bob    2010-7-8 20:33:56
I have the X1RCU But I can't seem to use separate flame sensors it keeps giving me random numbers even with the example program is there a firmware upgrade or something to fix this? Please Reply ASAP thanx :)


Dear Bob,    The X1RCU can control flame sensor. What does "random numbers" mean? Could you pls descrip it more? Better with pictures. We await your email at     Meanwhile, you can turn to your local distributor who sold the item to you, who will provide you local service.    
Low Kah Khang    2010-6-10 10:34:27
Hello I'm Kah Khang, I've entered my email into the message field already, thanks alot for your prompt reply! :)


Dear Kah Khang, Thanks. The solution is being prepared. Email is sent to you, pls get those material prepared beforehand.
Kah Khang    2010-6-8 12:29:39
Hello from Singapore! I am participating in Robocup 2010 with an RCU-based robot. I've recently purchased a be-1723 IR seeker sensor, and I'm having difficulty trying to configure it to sense the pulse modulated signals which the IR ball this year is emitting, unlike the previous years where the IR ball is emmitting a constant pulse. I would like to ask if there is anyway to configure the Roboexp program so that I can take the readings of the ball more accurately, and whether there is an inherent function in the sensor itself to allow it to filter other signals and only take the signal at 1200Hz (which is the frequency of the IR signal the ball is emmitting). I would really appreciate if I can have a reply as soon as possible, since the Robocup competition is quite near. Thank you!


Dear Kah Khang, Thanks for your support to JoinMax, and the valuable feedback. Could you leave your email? Relative solution probably come out in couple of days, which will be sent to you asap. The BE-1723 is not for sensing the new mode.
John    2010-5-22 21:35:56
I am planning to get this Motor Driver 3508D for 4 motors but how do i control it when it only has 2 cables coming out I don't see any icon in X1RCU program that can allow the control of four motors? PLease Help ASAP thanx :)


Dear John, Thanks for your support. Driver 3508D controls four motors in two channals, in other words, you only need two motor icons in the software to control the four motors. For further questions, pls contact us at
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