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John    2010-5-22 21:33:14
I am planning to get this Motor Driver 3508D for 4 motors but how do i control it when it only has 2 cables coming out I don't see any icon in X1RCU program that can allow this


(Answered above)
Jon    2010-5-16 22:09:51
I recently got an X1RCU the black box thingy do i still need the extra black connector for the black motor(High-power Motor 3526)? please reply ASAP thanx


Dear Jon, Thanks for using the newest RCU! You don't need a black connector. Most of our motors can be connected to the M1, M2 ports of X1RCU directly, but there is some other things to which you need to pay special attention. Motor 3526 should not be plugged to these two motor ports directly, for motor 3526 gets driver embedded, which will draw power from the RCU, in this case, it (or several motor 3526) probably will exhaust the X1RCU, which cause to the final result: all break down. It's suggested to use motor with no embedded driver for X1RCU, which will be connected to X1RCU via a driver, in this way, the motor gets power from the external power supply connected to the driver (in other words, the external power supply provides power to both motor and driver), not from the X1RCU, which means, it won't exhaust the X1RCU. Right now, motor 3526 and motor 3548X are motor with embedded driver. So you can use other motors such as motor 3509 for the X1RCU. For further information, you can refer to the motor manual in our website, or contact us at
Alamoudi    2010-5-13 22:49:45
Dear Joinmax I'm a beginner in Robots world ,and i have to make a suno robot . so can you help with brograming my robot , and where can i faind useful information or programing lessons ? thnx


Dear Alamoudi, For beginners, it's recommended to read this [U][I]Robot Discovery[/I][/U] first Other courses will be put on our site step by step. Pls keep an eye on it. Contact us at if you have further questions.
Jon    2010-3-21 9:04:05
Can you also tell me how to get Arctangent?


Need details? Send emails. :) As the reply to your first message.
Jon    2010-3-21 9:03:06
Hi i really need to know how to get the tangent command in roboexp v 3.5 can u give me the command or method to get the answer of tangent? I am programming in XRCU


Dear Jon, In RoboExp 3.5, the command of "arctan" (as you're asking) is shorten to be "atan". If you're using XRCU, pls email us directly at, then a short example program will be provided to you for reference.
Ahmad    2010-3-21 4:41:21
well .. i'm not using the flame sensor for robocup .. so i need the unit to measure the amount of IR .. fair in one week .. plz help ..


Dear Ahmad, Answers have been done via email to you. Could you check? And tell us if there is any further questions.
Ahmad    2010-3-16 19:00:33
Hi .. i'm using a flame sensor in a science project for IR measuring .. but I really need to know the unit of the numbers shown (0-255) .. Model: JMP-BE-1710 thank you ..


Dear Ahmad, Thanks for your support, and feedback. The numbers shown in the screen (0~255) is the returned value of flame sensor. The larger value means stronger light the sensor detected, in other words, the lighting ball is near. To get help, pls refer to Robot Discovery in the RoboExp software, which will give new user step-by-step instructure, ever from the software installation. Then you can refer to "example program" inside the software, which will give you some clue to the usage of the modules. Meanwhile, you can certainly email us, and we'll contact you asap. Thanks again!
Titus    2010-1-19 0:12:51
Dear JoinMax, I wondered, do you ship to The Netherlands(Europe)? I'm interested in: High-Power Motor 3509 Model:JMP-BE-3509 If you do, could you tell me the shipping costs and how to order one. Thanks, Titus


Dear Titus,  Evaluation of our educational robotic product is appreciated! Your email has been replied, pls check your mailbox. Welcome to contact us!  
zead    2009-12-11 2:28:12
Good time; I am useing program of robot basicRCU , any problem to use it for X-RCU ? .thanks.


Dear Zead, If you program by using basic RCU, and then change the RCU into X-RCU, you can apply the program by following steps: 1. change the RCU type to be "XRCU". 2. compile the program. Should work now. If fail, pls email us directly to Pictures of the problem will help the problem shooting.
waleed    2009-9-22 7:57:27
hi this is my email I need to know how I can use the grayscale be-1111 when it is connected to motor wich will work when the color of ground is black . THanks so much & will send to the email wich you post.


Dear Waleed, Nice to get into contact with you. The guide manual has been sent to you by email. Tell us if you need further help.
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